transmission network

Fighting cyber security threats: list of secure network's users approved

The Lithuanian government approved on Wednesday a list of institutions and organizations that will use a secure public data transmission network .

Seimas passes bill to vet large deals by strategic companies

A special government commission in Lithuania will be able to vet state-owned and privately-owned strategic enterprises' deals exceeding 10 percent of their...

Seimas panel to look into cyber security efforts

The Lithuanian parliament's National Security and Defence Committee will Wednesday work to establish the efforts taken to ensure cyber security.

Parliament cuts short meeting due to power outage on Thursday, traffic lights off in Vilnius

Interruption of power supply in central Vilnius on Thursday afternoon caused the Lithuanian parliament to cut short its plenary meeting. Traffic lights...

Hackers seeking weak spots in Lithuania's strategic systems

Lithuanian officials say that hackers constantly search for seek spots in systems of strategic importance, therefore, executives of companies and...