Vilnius considers pillow tax to fund tourism promotion

The new fees aren’t making Vilnius tourism representatives happy, but they understand that the capital city must invest more into promotion.

Lithuania among favoured destinations for British healthcare tourists

Lithuania listed as one of the main destinations for Britain’s nationals seeking healthcare abroad, according to RT.

New York Times reporter spends weekend in Vilnius

Unlike the capitals of Latvia or Estonia, Lithuania's Vilnius has a sense of a lived city catering for the locals as much as for tourists, according to...

Chicago choir to give anniversary concerts in Lithuania

One of the most sensational choirs of Chicago will throw a concert in Lithuania to celebrate its anniversary.

Lithuanian entrepreneur set on opening up the Baltics to Indian tourists (1)

The things that fascinate them most in Lithuania are: water that you can drink directly from the tap, cleanliness, small population and insanely fast...

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