A digital creative agency has come up with the idea of how to attract more tourists to Vilnius

The Gediminas Castle, the Hill of Three Crosses and Užupis are probably the most popular tourist attractions in Vilnius. However, have you ever thought how...

SPA restructuring should not affect tourists' plans – Lithuania's Tourism Department

Lithuanian charter airline Small Planet Airlines' decision to restructure its main company in Lithuania should not affect tourists' plans, the country's...

Ušackas doesn't see Russia as direct military threat to Baltic countries

Vygaudas Ušackas , a former EU ambassador to Moscow, says he does not think Russia poses a direct military threat to the Baltic countries.

A new attraction centre will open for the citizens of Vilnius.

A Park Town business park located in a strategic area of Vilnius, in a tail of Konstitucijos avenue, next year will invite the citizens of Vilnius to relax...

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