'People in France know about the Baltics but not what's different about Lithuania' - Honorary Consul

In a new series about those remarkable individuals who promote Lithuania's image abroad and build the country’s brand around the world, Anne-Marie...

Figures putting Lithuania among top alcohol consuming countries not accurate (1)

New research shows that Lithuania is not the third most alcohol consuming country in the world as the World Health Organization figures claim.

Lithuania will not ask EC to scrap daylight saving time

The Lithuanian government said on Monday it would not ask the European Union to scrap daylight saving time, saying there is no evidence that advancing...

Vilnius tourists hit million mark boosted by Japanese influx

Vilnius was visited by almost a million tourists last year, up 5% on 2014, according to the latest figures from the Department of Statistics.

Lithuanian entrepreneurs go East

With a small domestic market, Lithuanian entrepreneurs are more and more often looking to foreign markets for opportunities to develop and expand their...

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