Looking for traces of Lithuania in the world (1)

If you can find a sparrow, you will find a Lithuanian, an old saying goes. There are more than a million people of Lithuanian decent living outside of...

Visureigių sezono pabaigtuvėse varžysis ir G. Petrus (1)

Jau šį šeštadienį, rugsėjo 16-ąją, bus nuleista Lietuvos automobilių „ Rally Raid “ čempionato ir taurės varžybų, kurias rengia VšĮ...

Government decides to move agricultural attache from Russia to Japan

The Lithuanian government decided on Wednesday to relocate the post of agricultural attache from Russia to Japan .

Celebration of 70th anniversary of India's independence in Vilnius stunned with exquisite cultural program

On Thursday evening a solemn celebration of 70th Anniversary of India‘s Independence took place in Vilnius, Vaidila theatre. During a festive evening, the...

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