Why do Lithuanian men live the shortest lives in the EU?

New data shows that Lithuanian men's life expectancy is the shortest in the European Union at 68 years of age on average and scientists are investigating...

Netrukus visoje ES cigarečių pakeliai gerokai pasikeis (14)

Naujos griežtesnės cigarečių pakuočių taisyklės greitu laiku bus įvestos Europos Sąjungoje ( ES ). Didžiosioms tabako bendrovėms nepavyko...

What is the true extent of lobbying in Lithuania’s parliament?

Official figures show that Lithuanian lawmakers have been approached by a small number of lobbyists over the last year but experts say the official numbers...

Take off: Lithuanian police use drones to bust illegal pot stills

Lithuanian police are using drones to locate illegal pot stills hidden in forests.

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