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Energetikai: Klaipėdos SGD terminalas bus naudingas Lietuvai ir ateityje (13)

Vyriausybei sprendžiant dėl Klaipėdos suskystintųjų gamtinių dujų (SGD) terminalo ateities, verslo atstovai ragina ieškoti būdų mažinti jo...

Lithuanian Song Festival starts in Vilnius

The Lithuanian Song Festival started in Vilnius on Sunday, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lithuania's independence.

EU to present its assessment of Astravyets NPP' stress tests

The European Union is set to publish its stress test assessment for Astravyets nuclear power plant under construction in Belarus near the Lithuanian...

Lithuania condemns Syria's decision to recognize independence of Georgia's regions

Lithuania has condemned Syria 's decision to recognize independence of Georgia 's regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia , occupied by Russia .

Lithuania among EU leaders by length of proceedings in civil and commercial cases

Lithuania is among the EU 's leaders in terms of the estimated time needed to resolve civil and commercial cases at first-instance courts and ranks first by...

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