4 reasons why you should start looking for Christmas presents right now

With three more months still to go until the most beautiful holiday of the year, you should really start Christmas shopping right now, especially if you are...

Rusijos strateginėje zonoje atsivėrė pavojingas kelias (71)

Prieš porą savaičių, kai dangus buvo ganėtinai saulėtas, o oro sąlygos buvo santykinai švelnios ir temperatūra siekė apie 10 laipsnių šilumos,...

New, digital, life given to Vilnius’ image of Divine Mercy as Pope’s visit to Lithuanian capital nears

3D model will give access to one of Catholicism’s most important paintings to millions around the world, a press release from Go Vilnius states.

Lithuanian chemists have synthesised ultrafast cyanide detector

A group of synthetic organic chemists at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania have synthesised a new material, which can be used as a detector of...

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