NB8 lawmakers to discuss ways to bolster democratic values in Vilnius

Vilnius is hosting a meeting of the chairs of parliamentary foreign affairs committees from the Nordic and Baltic countries ( NB8 ) on Monday.

Nordic fencing federations seek closer cooperation

On October 20-21 Vilnius hosted one of the biggest fencing tournaments in the region – Open Nordic Youth Fencing Championships, which attracted nearly 500...

Diplomats from 30 countries paid final respects to Lithuania's partisan commander

Diplomats from 30 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Israel, honored the memory of anti-Soviet partisan commander...

“Wolt” celebrates a year in Lithuania. What are Lithuanian eating habits?

The Finnish startup “Wolt”, a fast-growing food service provider in Europe, celebrates its first year in Lithuania this month. During that time, Wolt...

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