State border

20 migrants from Iraq, Afghanistan detained in Lithuania

20 migrants from Iraq and Afghanistan were detained in Lithuania's northeastern district of Ignalina on Tuesday, the country's State Border Guard...

Six foreigners with forged documents detained at Vilnius Airport

Border guards at Vilnius Airport have detained six people who flew in from Greece, having forged Romanian and Italian ID documents.

Lithuania's leaders call for not forgetting Medininkai massacre's significance

As Lithuania marks the 27th anniversary of the Medininkai massacre on Tuesday, state leaders and other officials have called for not forgetting the...

Lietuvos pasieniečiai anglų kalbos žinias gilins gyvendami britų šeimose (55)

Valstybės sienos apsaugos tarnyba (VSAT) nusprendė pagilinti darbuotojų anglų kalbos žinias – 30 darbuotojų bus išsiųsti į Didžiąją...

Lithuanian court halts border guards' CCTV tender worth EUR 2.5 mln

A Vilnius court has halted a tender announced by Lithuania's border guards for the installation of CCTV systems on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border.

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