Song Festival

Lithuanian souvenirs' vendors about the tourists’ habits

Tourist s are calculating even when buying wooden souvenirs for only a Euro; and if they bought a lot before, they are now spending only 5-10 Euros...

Lithuanian World Community elects new chairperson and management

The XVI Lithuanian World Community (PLB) Seimas has elected Dalia Henke for a second term as its chairwoman. The new management will be comprised of...

Baltics set up joint cultural foundation

The culture ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on Sunday signed in Riga an agreement on the establishment of a Baltic cultural foundation .

Lithuania marks State Day – Coronation of King Mindaugas

Lithuania marks State Day – the Coronation of King Mindaugas on 6 July.

The Song Celebration charms clients in Vilnius stores

This week, 36,000 Lithuanian and international performers flooded into Vilnius as the Lithuanian Song Festival, which is dedicated to Lithuania’s Centenary...