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Conservatives win parliamentary election can form coalition with liberals

The opposition conservative Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats have won the parliament election in Lithuania and can form a ruling coalition...

Number of MPs' meetings with interest group representatives released

Since spring 2017 MP s have published a total of 3597 meetings with interest groups and registered lobbyists. In autumn of 2019, 74 MPs declared 683 such...

A riddle awaits Karbauskis prior to the Seimas elections

Based on the ruling parties’ results in the municipal elections, we can predict their potential results in the Seimas elections.

In the last 2 years, number of MPs declaring their meetings with interest groups or lobbyists doubles

In the last 2 years, the number of Lithuanian MPs who declare with which interest groups or lobbyists they meet has doubled. Last year, parliamentarians also...

Municipal council compositions: dominance in some cities

On Monday, the composition of municipal councils is beginning to emerge.

Daiva Žeimytė-Bilienė, laida „Iš esmės“, Virginija Spurytė

Po fiasko dėl pirmalaikių rinkimų – negailestinga kritika Landsbergiui: jis nesuvokia tikrovės  (43)