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Spanish female soldier attacked in Šiauliai

A female Spanish Air Force soldier was attacked in Šiauliai , northern Lithuania on Tuesday night.

Šiauliai politicians discuss future of Soviet troops' graves in central square

As part of the restructuring of the central square of Šiauliai , a city in northern Lithuania, the city's politicians are deciding the future of graves of...

Russian ambassador fails to convince Šiauliai not to remove Soviet monument

Russia's ambassador to Lithuania has failed to convince the local government of Šiauliai to leave a Soviet-era monument on the city's central square.

Lithuanian town of Šiauliai celebrates 780-year anniversary

Šiauliai, Lithuania's fourth biggest city located in northern part of the country, is celebrating its 780-year anniversary.

NATO jets scrambled three times to intercept Russian bombers last week

NATO fighter jets serving in the NATO air policing mission in the Baltic countries were scrambled three times last week to intercept Russian military...