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Lithuania's Polish MP again seeks publishing info on admitted ex-KGB agents

After Lithuania's parliament over six months ago rejected the proposal of publishing the names of former KGB agents who had admitted their past, MP Zbignev...

Seimas to discuss resistance to hybrid threats from Russia

An international conference is held at the Lithuanian parliament on Wednesday to discuss the society's resistance to hybrid threats from Russia .

Russian ambassador sees Lithuanian intelligence reports as attempt to justify anti-Russian policy

Russia's ambassador in Vilnius says that Lithuanian intelligence reports are an attempt to justify the country's anti-Russian policy.

Few people with undeclared KGB past could be in public service in Lithuania - official

Only a very small number of former KGB agents who have not come forward could be working in the public service, the director of the Lithuanian Genocide and...

Central Bank: National security threats regarding fintech under control (1)

Risks in connection to investments in the rapidly growing sector of financial technologies, also known as fintech , are under control, and the licensing...