Second Investigation Department

301 people denied access to classified information in 2014

The Second Investigation Department under the Ministry of National Defence (AOTD) published its activity report for 2014. Based on the report, 301 people...

Soviet colonel recruited Lithuanian officer - military intelligence

A former colonel from the Soviet Union had recruited an officer of the Lithuanian Air Force to spy for Russia, Lithuania's military intelligence said on Monday.

Russia trying to tune public opinion against energy independence in Lithuania – Report

Russia is using Lithuania’s public space to form an opinion against energy independence of Lithuania and the entire European Union (EU), the State Security...

Russia may resort to "hidden military measures" against NATO member – report

Lithuania's military intelligence warned on Monday that Russia may decide to apply "hidden military measures" against one of the NATO members, although it is...

Intelligence institutions to present assessment of national security threats

Lithuanian intelligence institutions will Monday present their reviews of national security threats at the country's parliament.