Schengen visas

Lithuania lets 337 Belarusians to come on humanitarian grounds 84 have come so far

377 Belarusian citizens have been allowed to come to Lithuania on humanitarian grounds but only 82 have used the opportunity so far, and another 32...

Lithuania opens visa centers in US

Lithuanian visa centers have been opened in the United States , Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday.

Prosecutors hand over non-transparent visa issuance case to court

Lithuania's Prosecutor General's Office said on Tuesday it had handed over to court the case of the non-transparent issuance of a visa .

Ambassador Motuzas is returning to Moscow

Lithuania 's ambassador to Russia, Remigijus Motuzas , is returning to Moscow next week, two months after he was recalled for consultations, the...

Prosecutors: Ambassador to Russia might have committed official misconduct

Lithuanian prosecutors have changed the status of the country's Ambassador to Russia Remigijus Motuzas in a pre-trial investigation into alleged...