Saber Strike 2015

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Investigators of Lithuanian army's website hack seek assistance from abroad

After hackers broke into the website of the Lithuanian Army's Joint Staff, Lithuanian prosecutors sent out requests for legal assistance to foreign countries.

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Saber Strike has nothing to do with any annexation plans, US general says

The Saber Strike 2015 exercise held in the Baltic states by NATO has nothing to do with the Alliance's alleged preparations for some annexation, says the...

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Saber Strike 2015 demo operation performed in Lithuania

A demo military operation was performed in the Gaižiūnai training ground, central Lithuania, on Thursday in the framework of NATO's Saber Strike 2015...

Impresive NATO airforce operation in Kaunas, Lithuania.

More than fifty enemy soldiers crossed the Lithuanian border and moved to direction of Kaunas and overtaken Karmėlava International Airport....

Prasideda trišalio Baltijos bataliono vertinimas (1)

Adažių poligone, Latvijoje prasideda tarptautinių pratybų „ Saber Strike 2015 “ antrasis etapas – bataliono lygmens lauko taktinės pratybos....