Russian Union

Donbase nukautas Rusijos kiokušin karatė meistras, buvęs Europos čempionas (7)

Donbase likviduotas Rusijos kiokušin karatė federacijos generalinis sekretorius Sergejus Uvickis, praneša naujienų kanalas „ Nexta “.

Dmitrijev expelled from Vilnius council's Labor group for praising Zakharchenko as hero

Sergej Dmitrijev has been expelled from the Labor Party 's political group on Vilnius ' municipal council after praising Alexander Zakharchenko , a...

At least six companions of A. Paleckis under suspicion in spying case

According to information obtained by the LRT Television show Panorama, at least 6 companions of Algirdas Paleckis are under suspicion in the spying case....

LRT Investigation. The scattering Russian Alliance is hunting members: how did V. Tomaševski‘s Poles help it?

Russian Alliance leader Irina Rozova’s business trips are planned with the aid of the Russian embassy, meanwhile Russian Alliance members find out that...

Klaipėda councilor to attend economic forum in Russia-annexed Crimea

Viačeslav Titov , a member of the City Council of Klaipėda, plans to attend next year's Yalta International Economic Forum in Russia-annexed Crimea .