Russian Embassy

Opinion: What Putin intends to provoke in the Baltic countries (1)

Just as the purpose of terror is to terrorize, the purpose of provocation is to provoke – and if the targets of a provocation understand what the one...

Lithuanian government turns to European Commission over detained ship

The Ministry of Agriculture has informed the European Commission 's Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries about the Lithuanian fishing...

Lithuania and Russia exchange diplomatic notes over detained fishing vessel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania on Monday sent a diplomatic note to the Russian Embassy in Lithuania, protesting against illegal actions of...

Latvian TV programme claims Russian embassy in Riga recruits mercenaries for Donbass separatists (1)

Latvian television has received information from Latvian citizens who intend to go to Ukraine and fight on behalf of Russia .

Opinion: Putin forces West to choose between Ukraine and Middle East (II)

After the civil war in Syria began, in 2012, Hamas headquarters moved out of Damascus. Political leaders of Hamas are now based in Qatar.