NATO jets in Baltics scrambled five times last week over Russian aircraft

NATO 's fighter-jets patrolling Baltic airspace were scrambled five times last week to identify and escort Russian military aircraft in international...

Memorial to victims of Stalinist repressions with Lithuanian names unveiled near Moscow

A memorial to victims of Stalinist repressions was unveiled near Moscow on Saturday and the memorial "Wall of Remembrance" also features Lithuanian names.

Oslo hosts meeting of British, Nordic, Baltic leaders

Oslo is on Monday hosting a meeting of British, Nordic and Baltic leaders.

Parlt speakers doubt Baltic countries could be compensated for Soviet occupation damage

The Baltic parliamentary speakers doubt that their countries could obtain compensation from Russia for damages incurred during the Soviet occupation.

A strong state is built by different nations working together: what tools does the Kremlin use to prevent this from happening? (1)

Lithuania is not a monoethnic state. Poles, Russians, Tatars and other ethnicities live in our state and their presence here dates back to the times of the...

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