120s: Military backup in Mariupol and shaming Alytus mayor

120s: More trouble for Mayor of Alytus , Russian military backup in Mariupol , Best company name selected, Football riot in Rome .

Opinion: On loving (and hating) Russia (1)

Recently at a conference in Tver on issues of Stalinist history, an historian friend of mine from Novosibirsk asked me “Do you really hate Russians?”

Parliament committee chair: Terrorism threat low but Lithuania must stay alert

The threat of terrorism in Lithuania is low but the country should stay on alert, says Artūras Paulauskas , chairman of the parliamentary National...

Haitian earth quake victims to visit Vilnius

On Monday, 5 January, the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington received the visit of three young amputees, victims of the 2010 Haitian earthquake. The young man...

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