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Refugee resettlement deadline extended for over 1.5 years

The Lithuanian government has extended until late June 2021 the deadline for meeting the country's commitment to take in over 1,000 refugees .

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Refugee resettlement stalls due to Italy, Greece, Lithuanian intermin says

The resettlement of refugees to Lithuania has been stalling for the last six months as the Baltic country does not receive migrant applications from Greece...

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Middle Eastern refugees set to come to Lithuania in fall

Asylum seekers from the Middle East might come to Lithuania in the fall following a break of more than six months, the head of Lithuania's Migration...

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Lithuania allowed to interview refugees in Italy - minister

Interior Minister Eimutis Misiunas says that his Italian counterpart, Marco Minniti, has agreed to allow Lithuanian officials to conduct interviews of...

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Refugees to be relocated only to municipalities ready to accept them - SocMin

Refugees will be relocated from camps in Greece, Turkey or Italy directly to Lithuanian municipalities that will be willing and ready to take them in,...

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Rusijai – nemalonios užuominos dėl lemiamo posūkio kare

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Nepatogūs klausimai. Svečiuose – Gabrielius Vagelis