Prosecutor General's Office

Why did Darius Raulušaitis withdraw from the Prosecutor General's Office?

On Tuesday, the General Prosecutor's Office reported that Darius Raulušaitis , who had been serving as a temporary Prosecutor General , withdrew from the...

Lithuania's new prosecutor general wants prosecutors to be shielded from too much public pressure

Evaldas Pašilis , a judge from Ukmergė, has been appointed prosecutor general six months after his predecessor left the office. He says that one of the...

Lithuanian parliament endorses prosecutor general nomination

The Lithuanian parliament voted on Tuesday to endorse the president's nomination of judge Evaldas Pašilis to the post of prosecutor general .

Seimas balsuos dėl kandidato į generalinius prokurorus (11)

Seimas antradienį balsuos dėl kandidato į generalinius prokurorus, Ukmergės apylinkės teismo teisėjo 42 metų Evaldo Pašilio.

Business to join anti-corruption body in Lithuania

The Lithuanian Government decided on Wednesday that representatives of associated business organisations may from now on become members of the Inter-agency...

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