Prosecutor General's Office

Prosecutors launch probe into last week's sewer pipe accident in Vilnius (1)

Prosecutors on Wednesday launched a pre-trial investigation into last week's sewer pipe accident in Vilnius, the Prosecutor General's Office said.

Polish amendment may lead to tearing down Lithuanian monuments (1)

Lithuanian politicians describe as "a slap in the face" a proposed legal amendment in Poland that would equate "Lithuanian nationalism " to a totalitarian...

Former head of Georgia's anti-terrorism center released on bail

Zurab Maisuradze , a former head of Georgia's anti-terrorism center who was last week detained by Lithuania's authorities, on Wednesday was released on bail.

Prosecutors want Real IRA defendant imprisoned for 10 yrs

The Lithuanian Prosecutor General's Office has asked a Vilnius court so send Michael Campbell , an Irish citizen who has cleared of charges of preparing to...

Court of Appeals opens prosecutors' plea against vindication of ex-OMON agents

The Lithuanian Court of Appeals on Friday started hearing a plea from the Prosecutor General's Office against vindication of former OMON officers Vladimir...

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