Prosecutor General's Office

Minister Linkevičius: Russia's spying in Lithuania shouldn’t surprise anyone (1)

Nobody should be surprised over Russia spying in Lithuania, the Baltic country's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius says.

Edward Lucas: Prosecuting spies "has a good deterrence effect" (1)

Lithuania's decision to publicly prosecute foreign spies is a good deterrence measure, reflecting the attitude towards Russia as a hostile country, says...

Lithuania detains suspected Russian spy (4)

A Russian citizen has been detained in Lithuania on the suspicion of spying , the Prosecutor General 's Office said on Monday.

Lithuanian politicians find reorganization of Estonian-owned biofuel company suspicious

Prosecutors say that plans by Bionovus, an Icor-controlled biofuel supplier, to merge with its Estonian -registered owner and cease operations will have...

No suspects in probe of Lithuanian students in Russian paramilitary camps

Polices searches conducted in several Russian-language schools in Vilnius, suspected of sending their pupils to paramilitary camps in Russia , made...

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