Homicide convict in Sweden to serve life in Lithuania

Lithuanian citizen Nerijus Bilevičius sentenced for murder of a young female in Sweden will have to serve his life sentence in Lithuania, a Šiauliai...

Soviet-era martyr Matulionis beatified in Vilnius

Teofilius Matulionis , a Lithuanian priest and archbishop who was persecuted by the Soviet regime, was beatified in a solemn ceremony at Vilnius' Cathedral...

Archbishop Matulionis' sarcophagus to be brought to Vilnius for beatification

The sarcophagus with Teofilius Matulionis ' remains will be solemnly placed in Vilnius Cathedral on Saturday evening, on the eve of his beatification.

Lithuanian prosecutors want Russian spying suspect in prison for over 10 yrs

A Vilnius court has completed hearing the spying case of high-ranking Russian intelligence officer Nikolai Filipchenko whom prosecutors want found guilty...

Large-scale international drug smuggling case goes to Lithuanian court

A case involving an international drug smuggling ring has been recently sent to a Lithuanian court, the Lithuanian Customs said on Thursday.

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