Lithuania's Supreme Court upholds 9-yr jail term for judge's daughter for infant murder

Lithuania's Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the verdict for Jurga Mataitytė who has been sentenced to nine years in prison for murdering her infant.

Naftos Grupė execs get jail sentences, to pay Klaipėdos Nafta over EUR 20 mln

A court has sentenced former top executives of Naftos Grupė (Oil Group), an oil product forwarding company that was granted exceptional terms for the...

Lithuanian law-enforcement end probe on activities of N-plant's executives

Lithuania's law-enforcement have completed the pre-trial investigation into the 1.5-million-euro auction organized by the Ignalina nuclear power plant...

Krikštaponis to be appointed director of Lithuanian Prison Department this week

Justice Minister Milda Vainiutė will this week appoint Robertas Krikštaponis as director of the Lithuanian Prison Department .

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