Lithuania bans entry to 49 Russians under 'Magnitsky Act'

Lithuanian Interior Minister Eimutis Misiūnas on Friday banned 49 Russian nationals accused of human rights violations and money laundering from entering...

Over 150 witnesses questioned in Lithuania's Jan. 13 coup case - prosecutors

More than 150 witnesses have been interviewed in the January 13 attempted coup case in the Vilnius court, the Prosecutor General's Office said.

Convicted spy awarded EUR 2,800 for poor prison conditions in Lithuania

Romuald Lipskij , former employee of the Lithuanian state company Oro Navigacija (Air Navigation) convicted to five years for for Belarus, has been...

What to watch in Lithuania's politics, culture, society in 2018

Here are some of the major events to watch for in Lithuania's politics, culture and society in 2018:

Russian FSB officer withdraws appeal against 10-year prison sentence in Lithuania

Nikolai Philipchenko , an officer of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), has withdrawn his appeal against a Lithuanian court's decision to sentence...

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