Pope Francis invites Lithuanians to care for socially vulnerable, resist thirst for glory

Pope Francis on Sunday called on the faithful in Lithuania to care for socially vulnerable groups and ethnic minorities and resist the thirst for glory.

Pope will send important message of respect for Soviet terror victims, archbishop says

Pope Francis will send an important message to the world from Vilnius when he will pay respect to victims of Soviet terror, Kaunas Archbishop Sigitas...

Po masinių kalinių skundų – sugriežtinta tvarka: prabilo apie tai, kaip laiką anksčiau leisdavo suimtieji  turėjo didelius televizorius, kuriuos žiūrėjo per naktis  (28)

Pataisos namuose įvesti Viešojo saugumo daliniai (VST) dirba griežtai, tačiau laikosi įstatymų, šie daliniai būtini grąžinti tvarką į...

Lawyer of Russian tried for 1991 crackdown in Vilnius calls him 'victim and hostage'

The defense lawyer of Yuriy Mel , a Russian citizen arrested in Lithuania and now standing trial for his involvement in the January 1991 bloody crackdown on...

Beniušis. CIA prison case: how long will the government continue its ostrich policy?

In December 2014 Barack Obama 's administration warned Lithuania about a forthcoming US Senate report on secret CIA prisons.

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