Antradienį Kaune koncertuosiantis Stingas jau atvyko į Lietuvą (2)

Antradienį naują albumą ir geriausius hitus išskirtiniame koncerte Kaune atliksiantis Stingas jau atvyko į Lietuvą. Britų muzikos žvaigždė...

Families of Lithuanians killed in 2016 landslide in Norway going to court for compensation

After Norwegian police established that the landslide that killed three Lithuanian workers formed as a result of landwork in the area, families of the killed...

English football fan in custody in Vilnius after bar brawl

A drunk British citizen was detained in Vilnius in early hours of Sunday, local police said.

Polish national convicted of hurting child in car accident in Lithuania

A Polish national has been convicted of hurting a child cyclist in a car accident in Lithuania.

Explosive found in central Vilnius successfully neutralized

An explosive discovered in central Vilnius on Wednesday has been successfully neutralized, local authorities said.

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