Kęstutis Girnius. What will the main candidates‘ foreign policies be like?

The key task of the Lithuanian president is to deal with the main foreign policy questions and together with the cabinet enact foreign policy.

After Strasbourg Court conclusion, MEP urges Amazon to treat Soviet symbols like Nazi’s

Last week European Court of Human Rights officially recognized that the crimes of Soviet soldiers against Lithuanian partisans for their resistance against...

Vidas Rachlevičius. Presidential elections: let’s not pose nonsensical questions to the candidates

Lithuania, as if a hopeless romantic and naïve person constantly lives in cycles of constant waiting, disappointment and new hope. We are now at the...

Ramūnas Bogdanas. Invertebrate formations in municipal rule

It is time to get used to electoral committees – we have lived through a full term of municipal rule with them after all.

Parodė, kodėl negalima pasitikėti tik tuo, ką matote per veidrodėlius (12)

Thames Valley policijos pareigūnai socialiniame tinkle paviešino kraupios ir itin tragiškai pasibaigti galėjusios avarijos vaizdo įrašą. Jame...

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