online voting

Idea of online voting in elections discarded (2)

The Lithuanian government discarded on Wednesday the idea of introducing online voting in elections .

Every vote counts: Lithuanian had to pay 50 eur to vote (1)

Lithuanians living abroad are more and more active in each election . In the latest presidential election, more than 62 thousand voters registered to...

Politicians‘ fear rather than low technological capacity prevents Lithuania from having electronic voting

“Blockchain movement is not solely a technology, it changes Lithuania‘s economics,” claimed economics and finance analyst Paulius Kunčinas at the...

Defense minister suggests testing e-voting in elder elections

Lithuania's Defense Ministry in charge of cyber security has suggested first of all testing electronic voting in election of elders before deciding on using...

Lithuania's Security Dept skeptical about e-voting possibility

Lithuania's State Security Department is skeptical about the possibility to introduce electronic voting , says the department's director Darius Jauniškis .

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