NATO air policing

Lithuanian president's expectations in meeting with Obama: US military presence and shale gas

Lithuania expects American troops to stay in Lithuania and NATO to agree on additional measures to ensure the country's security, says a senior adviser to...

Portuguese and Canadians jets take over Baltic air policing mission

The Lithuanian Air Force Base in Šiauliai, northern Lithuania, on Monday hosted the official rotation ceremony of contingents in charge of NATO's Baltic...

German jets take to Estonian skies as they take over NATO Baltic policing mission

Germany will be taking over the responsibility of supporting the Baltic Air Policing mission from Ämari Air Base in Estonia . From September until end...

Canadian fighter jets arrive in Lithuania for NATO air policing mission (1)

Four F-18 Hornet fighter jets of the Royal Canadian Air Force landed at the Aviation Base in Šiauliai on Tuesday.

Polacy odlatują z Litwy (7)

Po raz pierwszy na Litwie wylądowali kanadyjskie myśliwce, które zamienią Polskę w misji NATO Air Policing.

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