NATO air policing

Lithuanian foreign minister: NATO air policing mission contributes to Alliance's overall security (1)

The NATO air policing mission is a sign that the Allies are firmly committed to defending the Baltic states and adds to the Alliance 's security, says...

Foreign Minister going to Air Force Aviation Base in Šiauliai

Lithuania's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius is Tuesday going to the Air Force Aviation Base in Šiauliai, northern Lithuania.

NATO jets scrambled in Lithuania to accompany Russian planes

NATO air policing mission fighter jets, stationed in the Lithuania n northern city of Šiauliai, were on March 24 morning scrambled to accompany several...

NATO scrambled 8 times to intercept Russian planes last week

NATO fighter jets guarding the Baltic airspace were scrambled eight times last week to identify and accompany Russian planes flying near the Baltic borders.

NATO fighter-jets alerted from Šiauliai to accompany Russian reconnaissance plane

Italian Typhoon fighter-jets performing the NATO air policing mission in Šiauliai, northern Lithuania, were scrambled on Thursday to accompany a Russian...

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