National Cyber Security Center

Chinese, Russian equipment used by residents might spy on them

Chinese , or allegedly made in Asia but in fact Russian , equipment widely used in Lithuania and all over the world might be used to spy on residents and...

Household appliances chain store halts sale of D-Link routers over cyber security risks

Topo Centras, a Lithuanian chain of stores selling household appliances and electronic devises, decided on Tuesday to halt the sale of D-Link routers.

Cyber security center warns about WiFi equipment risk: servers can register users and collect data (1)

Lithuania's National Cyber Security Center warned on Tuesday about the risk posed by some of the WiFi equipment used in the country as it uses Russian...

Visuomenei pristatoma kibernetinio saugumo ataskaita (7)

Penktadienį Krašto apsaugos ministerijoje Vilniuje pristatoma trečioji Nacionalinio kibernetinio saugumo būklės ataskaita.

Identity thieves do not restrict themselves to your bank accounts

Most people leave a substantial trace in the virtual space. However, few think about the fact that any data circulating in the social media or on the...

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