missing plane

Tyrėjai rado lėktuvą, kuriuo skrido dingęs argentiniečių futbolininkas Sala

Dingęs lėktuvas, kuriuo skrido argentinietis futbolo žvaigždė Emiliano Sala ir jo pilotas, buvo surastas, sekmadienį pranešė tyrėjai.

Opinion: An-2 secrets better left untold?

One month after a small Lithuanian aircraft, An-2 , crashed into the Baltic Sea on 16 May, the public still knows very little about what happened and why....

Alcohol found in blood of An-2 pilot

Alcohol has been found in the blood of Adolfas Mačiulis, one of the pilots of the An-2 plane that crashed flying over the Baltic Sea in mid May.

Lithuanian parliament completes investigation into An-2 airplane crash

The Seimas Committee on National Security and Defence has completed its inquiry into the An-2 airplane accident over the Baltic Sea.

Lithuanian defence minister rejects criticism over An-12 search operation

Lithuanian National Defence Minister Juozas Olekas does not admit to have made any mistakes during the search and rescue operation for the An-2 plane...