Ministry of National Defence

Lithuanian, Polish, Ukrainian defence ministers to sign pact on joint brigade

Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian defence ministers will Friday in Lviv sign an agreement on establishment of a joint military brigade.

Baltic states must develop joint air defence system, Lithuanian defence minister says (1)

It is crucial for the Baltic states to develop a joint mid-range air-defence system, counter hybrid threats and strengthen regional cooperation, Lithuania's...

30 Lithuanian troops taking part in international training in Ukraine

Around 30 Lithuanian troops are taking part in the international military exercise Rapid Trident 2015, started in Western Ukraine on Monday.

NATO jets alerted once last week by Russian plane

NATO fighter-jets serving in the air policing mission were scrambled once from Lithuania last week to identify a Russian warplane flying above the...

Last German soldiers depart from Lithuania

On 16 June, last members of the 92nd Jaeger Battalion of the Bundeswehr deployed in Lithuania for combined training left for home. As part of the agreed NATO...

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