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2 refugee families escape from Refugee Reception Center in Lithuania

Two refugee families have left the Refugee Reception Centre in Rukla , eastern Lithuania, and attempted to leave the country.

Second refugee family leaves Lithuania

A second refugee family -- Syrian parents and their three children -- have left Lithuania, LNK TV News has reported.

Litvaks again applying for Lithuanian passports after legal amendment

After an amendment to the Citizenship Law took effect in Lithuania in July, Litvaks , i.e. Jews of Lithuanian origin, living in Israel and the Republic of...

Paskelbtas konkursas į Migracijos departamento direktorius (16)

Valstybės tarnybos departamentas (VTD) paskelbė konkursą Migracijos departamento prie Vidaus reikalų ministerijos direktoriaus pareigoms užimti....

Iraqi refugee family 'haven't broken any rules' by going to Sweden - minister

Interior Minister Tomas Žilinskas says that the Iraqi refugee family who have asylum in Lithuania, but have been away in Sweden for more than a month...