Migration Department

Litvaks actively apply for Lithuanian citizenship

Jews with roots in Lithuania, known as Litvaks , have been active in applying for Lithuanian citizenship after the country a year ago amended the law to...

Lithuania accepts 400th refugee under EU program

The number of refugees relocated to Lithuania under the EU's resettlement program has reached 400, but most of them have already left the country.

Migration Dept agrees with Titov's proposal on asylum

Lithuania's Migration Department said on Wednesday it agreed with the proposal from Russian journalist Yevgeni Titov to reconsider his asylum...

Russian journalist Titov asks Lithuania to review asylum finding

Russian journalist Yevgeni Titov on Tuesday asked Lithuania's Migration Department to reconsider his application for political asylum .

Lithuania receives another 28 Syrian refugees arrive under EU program

Another 28 refugees have arrived in Lithuania under the European Union (EU) program, the Migration Department said on Wednesday.