Authorities and businesses hit with Russian hackers' cyber-attack

An ongoing cyber-attack by a Russia-affiliated hacker group on Monday disrupted the operations of some public authorities and businesses.

Interior Ministry representative: illegal migration route via Moscow emerges

One should not be misled into thinking that the recent drop in the number of illegal migrants trying to enter Lithuania from Belarus means the attack is over...

Lithuania to keep military patrols on some Belarus border sections

Amid a decrease in illegal migration flows, Lithuania's interior and defense ministers agreed on Wednesday to keep military patrols only on border sections...

Intelligence: China carries out cyber attacks in revenge for ties with Taiwan

China also cyber attacks in retaliation against Lithuania over its ties with Taiwan, a new intelligence report says on Friday.

Belarusians intercepted Lithuanian border guards' phones for psychological impact

Belarusian officers intercepted phone data of Lithuanian border guards during the illegal migration crisis and used it for psychological impact on them,...

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