mass gatherings

Rising coronavirus cases bring people back home

As the number of coronavirus cases spiked in Lithuania in October, people made rarer visits to places of public gatherings, offices and spend more time...

Twelve municipalities placed under quarantine

The Lithuanian government decided on Wednesday to place another 12 Lithuanian municipalities under quarantine .

PM: some mass gatherings to be banned as of October

In response to a recent spike in coronavirus infections, the Lithuanian government is planning to ban some mass gatherings , such as city or harvest...

Minister: facemasks to become mandatory again if coronavirus cases spike

The Lithuanian government would consider making facemasks mandatory in public again if coronavirus cases in the country spiked to over 15 per 100,000...

Veryga: some restrictions will remain even after quarantine is lifted (1)

Certain restrictions will remain even if the quarantine in Lithuania is lifted on May 11, the country's Heath Minister Aurelijus Veryga says.

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