Maria Zakharova

Mission Siberia reps hope Russia's move is not final

Representatives of Lithuania's annual Mission Siberia expedition, organized to tend to the burial cites of Lithuanian deportees in Russia , hopes Moscow's...

Lithuanian Foreign Ministry says Russia blocks Mission Siberia expedition

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry expressed on Friday its disappointment over Russia's decision to block an annual Mission Siberia expedition.

Lithuania denies entry to reps of Russian 'compatriots foundation', Moscow vows response

Lithuania has denied entry to representatives of a Russia n foundation that is on the national blacklist , a move that Moscow has said will not go unanswered.

EU unable to pressure Moscow to cooperate in Lithuanian coup trial, says Ambassador

Due to the crisis in relations with Moscow, the European Union (EU) is currently unable to pressure Russia into cooperating with Lithuania on the...

Soviet defence minister indicted in January 13 case

Soviet Union 's Defence Minister Dmitry Yazov has been named in the so-called January 13 case in Lithuania. He is accused of establishing in late 1990 an...