Lithuanian Riflemen’ Union

Lithuania's riflemen want to keep semi-automatic weapons at home

As Lithuania's parliament is debating amendments to gun control legislation, the country's Riflemen Union argues that if its members and military...

Riflemen's Union gets modern rifles

The Lithuania n Weaponry Fund on March 23 handed over weapons and bulletproof vests to the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union .

Commander of Riflemen's Union: In event of aggression, Lithuania would not repeat mistakes of 1940 (1)

In the event of aggression, Lithuania would not repeat the mistake it made in 1940 and would resist occupation, Lieutenant Colonel Liudas Gumbinas, commander...

Children of Ukrainian troops arrive in Lithuania

Several dozen children of Ukrainian troops and Crimean Tatars arrived in Lithuania on Friday to have a short break.

New Riflemen’s Union commander wants to increase enrollment to 10,000

On Friday, 11 July, in the garden of Kaunas Vytautas Magnus Museum, the new commander of the Riflemen Union was been officially sworn in. The reserve’s...