Lithuanian Gay League

Lithuanian MP voices threat against LGBT* rights organization

Member of the Lithuanian Parliament Algirdas Vaclovas Patackas has publicly warned the leader of LGL , a Lithuanian LGBT* rights NGO, that the...

Lithuanian LGBT activists think obsolete 10-litas bill could make for suggestive souvenirs

The Lithuanian Gay League , an LGBT rights NGO, has had an idea to keep some of the 10-litas notes and make them into souvenirs for their partners.

Lithuania court decides not to hear case on LGBT video ban

Lithuania's Supreme Administrative Court found no legal grounds for court hearing of the Lithuanian Gay League 's complaint over the conclusion of the...

Lithuanian psychologists say censoring information on LGBT issues does harm to minors (1)

The Union of Lithuanian Psychologists has issued a statement, criticizing a ban on airing a social video ad about LGBT rights on television. Broadcasters...

Lithuanian LGBT organization lodges Brussels appeal claiming freedom of speech restrictions

The Lithuanian Gay League said on Wednesday it had turned to the European Commission over restrictions in Lithuania to air a pro-LGBT social ad.