Lithuanian Free Market Institute

Lithuania ranked 19th in world for economic freedom

Lithuania has been ranked 19th in the Economic Freedom of the World index ahead of the other Baltic States but well behind other developed counties,...

Lithuanian Prime Minister supports controversial VAT cut proposal

The currently existing value-added tax (VAT) of 21 percent can stand to be reduced, believes Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius .

Red tape for foreign workers killing Lithuania’s competitiveness

Lithuania’s work visa system for foreigners has become so complicated and time-consuming that it is causing shortages of skilled labour across the economy.

Lithuanian public opposes tax inspectorate's trawl of bank accounts, survey finds

Almost every third Lithuanian claims to know someone who has recently received illegal income. However, two thirds of Lithuanians believe that the State Tax...

Where is all money for cash purchases of Lithuanian property coming from? (1)

The number of Lithuanians being able to buy property purely in cash has been steadily multiplying in the last few years – in fact it is hard to imagine how...