Lithuanian Free Market Institute

MP Glaveckas passes away at hospital

MP Kestutis Glaveckas, a signatory of the March 11 Independence Act and a co-founder of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, has passed away at hospital.

Income inequality might go down in 2020

Income inequality might go down slightly in Lithuania this year but no major changes are expected, economists have told BNS.

Lithuania goes up index on labor regulation laws

Lithuania has gone up a notch to the 14th position in the Employment Flexibility Index on countries' labor regulation laws.

Analysts warn: economy is slowing

Lithuania's economy has maintained a stable growth pace, analysts say after the country's statistics office, Statistics Lithuania , said earlier today...

Industry body warns: minimum wage rise will hurt regions

The Lithuanian government's decision on Wednesday to raise the minimum monthly wage in Lithuania 9 percent to 607 euros, from the existing 555 euros...