Lithuanian Embassy in Sweden

Lithuanian media avoid criticizing bodies they get publicity funds from

Media organizations often avoid reporting negatively about authorities and institutions from which they receive publicity funds or report positively about...

Modern and contemporary Lithuanian artists exhibit "Dual Identity' in Stockholm

Lithuanian artists based in Sweden presented their works at an event hosted at the residence of the Lithuanian ambassador in Stockholm .

Delfi Plius

Two Lithuanian shorts at Stockholm animation festival REX

The international REX animation festival, which opens in Stockholm on Friday, is screening two entries from Lithuania.

Delfi Plius

Lithuania presented at tourism event in Stockholm

The Lithuanian Embassy in Sweden , together with the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism and the Swedish partners, organized the event "Welcome to...

Delfi Plius

Lithuanian start-ups presented at the Seed Forum seminar in Stockholm

Lithuanian start-ups took the spotlight in an innovation seminar on 22 September in Stockholm, organized by the international investment Seed Forum together...

Delfi Plius Vytautas Bruveris, laida „Kaip pas žmones“, Virginija Spurytė

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