Lithuanian Education Employees Trade Union

Government plans to hold minister accountable for on-going teachers' strike

As teachers' strike in Lithuania enters into the third week, the government is planning to hold the Minister of Education and Science accountable.

Teachers to strike over new pay system in Lithuania in November

Teachers will start a termless protest against the new pay system on Nov. 12, the Lithuanian Education Employees Trade Union says.

Teachers stage warning strike

Teachers from around 50 schools in Lithuania are taking part in a two-hour warning strike on Friday.

Lithuanian teachers to stage warning strike

Teachers in Lithuania will stage a warning strike on Friday, with around 1,000 teachers from 50 educational institutions set to joint the protest, Andrius...

543 teachers in 30 schools on strike in Lithuania

The Ministry of Education and Science has announced that the current teachers ' strike affects 15 municipalities. Thirty education establishments are...