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Free Russia Forum closes in Vilnius

Vilnius hosted a two-day annual Free Russia Forum organized by the team of Russian chess legend and opposition activist Garry Kasparov .

Lithuania's 17th National Prayer Breakfast to focus on making peace

The 17th National Prayer Breakfast is held in Vilnius on Monday, this year inviting participants to think about peace.

Lithuania, Russia conclude talks on diplomatic buildings - daily

Lithuania and Russia have concluded lengthy negotiations on properties used by their diplomatic missions in Vilnius and Moscow, including a building in the...

At Lithuania's initiative, Israeli PM gets historical invitation to Brussels

At Lithuanian diplomats' initiative, the EU 's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini , has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a...

Lithuania establishes diplomatic relations with Madagascar

Lithuania has established official diplomatic relations with Madagascar , an East African island country that is best known to Lithuanians because of a...

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