Latvia (/ˈlɑːtviə/ or /ˈlætviə/; Latvian: Latvija [ˈlatvija]), officially the Republic of Latvia (Latvian: Latvijas Republika), is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Since its independence, Latvia has been referred to as one of the Baltic states. It is bordered by Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, Russia to the east, and Belarus to the southeast, and shares a maritime border with Sweden to the west.

“Wolt” celebrates a year in Lithuania. What are Lithuanian eating habits?

The Finnish startup “Wolt”, a fast-growing food service provider in Europe, celebrates its first year in Lithuania this month. During that time, Wolt...

Konkurencijos tarybos akiratyje – galbūt neteisėti „Senukų“ susitarimai (4)

Konkurencijos taryba atlieka tyrimą dėl statybos, remonto ir buities prekių prekybos tinklą „Senukai“ valdančios „ Kesko Senukai Lithuania“...

Linguist Balodė receives 1st Balts' Award in ceremony in Riga

Laimutė Balodė, a prominent linguist and professor at the Universities of Latvia and Helsinki, received the first Balts' Award in a ceremony in Riga on...

Lithuania, Latvia sign agreement on emergency medical services in border area

The Lithuanian and Latvian health ministers have signed an agreement on emergency medical services (EMS) in the border area of the two neighboring countries.

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